Carrie Elizabeth (sasha13) wrote in heavenly_icons,
Carrie Elizabeth

Welcome to Heavenly_Icons

Welcome to my Community everyone! It has come to a point that I have just been making too many icons to display in communities. While I still will be displaying SOME public ones, the rest you will find here in this community. You will need to join in order to see them.

There are a lot of people whom wanted to be "added." This is a "community." Please go to the community INFO. page and "click" to join.

And, with that said, ENTER..and ENJOY!!
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it says I am already a member?
I am confused
nice butterflies though add me so I can look at more please
hmm..try adding it to your friends list. I don't know why there are problems. Maybe try refreshing.
Hey hun - I'm a member and friended the community, can't see you entries though. I was 'referred' by night_fall. ;D
I've joined and added you to my friends list...but I also cannot see your entries. :(
This could of happened while I was fixing up the layout. I am done now so all should be ok.
I've joined as well but I'm not able to see anything. Your teaser icons were awesome!
IKE! I don't know what's wrong!


13 years ago


13 years ago

Hi please add me i love your work and i always comment and credit!
Thanks! All you have to do is go on the info. page and click on the "join the community" something like that..then you might have to add the comm back on your friends list.

If this is confusing then write back kay?
To everyone else who couldn't see the images- how did you change it so you could? I'm having the same problem... i've tried refreshing and even closing livejournal entirely and going to it again... help!

I love your work btw...

hmmm.did you join? did you add the comm to your friends page? Sometimes lj is a fart and it might take a little time.

i will see you soon! =)
I love your icons!
Especially the one you're using at the moment! Let me know when you're taking requests! And I too have added myself to the commnity but have yet to see any entries! <33
I don't know whats with lj and why you guys can't see the entries right away. It is bothering me.

You may take the one I am using =)
just thought i would tell ya..i'm gonna join :) love some of your icons.pretty hehe *Huggs*
♥ ~*D ♥
Thanks luv!

I joined and also refreshed the page. I can't see any entries besides this page either :(
you will hun. i don't why this is. :/


13 years ago


13 years ago

I'm in it. Yes, yes, ye haw hurrah.
hope you dont mind i followed you from grotesque_flair and ive joined/added this community.
Of course I don't mind!! I posted for you guys over there to come here. =)
i took the snow angel icon
will credit thanks :)
In order to take an icon you need to join the community
Saw your work some place else and had to join. I can't see the icons yet, but I hope I can't wait. :)
I am sure you can see them now..
Could I please be added? I saw your icons on graphiclyyours and followed the link here!
Could you please go to the info. page and click the join button. You will have to wait then for me to get the email and get back to you. kay?


13 years ago


13 years ago

can i join?
Click on the "join" tab on the ifo. page
After joining log in and out. you will then see the entries.
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