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A beautiful journey to icon making.

Heavenly Icons
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Welcome to Heavenly_Icons

This is my sasha13's Icon journal.

Here you will find my old icons along with new ones. It is getting to a point that I am making too many to just put them in other communities. So wala! Here I am.

Here you will find new styles as I am still going on the long journey of style making. I will soon not only be making icons, but other graphics as well.


1. I would extremely love credit for my icons. I do not claim any bases as mine..only if I make them myself. And, that is highly unlikely. I do like credit for my art work.

2. Do Not Alter any of my icons!!

3. I will only take requests when I have time to do so. I am a busy mommy, so my time is limited. I will let you know when I am taking them.

4. PLEASE no drama!

5. ALWAYS comment with what you take. It's rude not too, and it gives me an idea of what you are all interested in. =)

6. This community is only for ME to post. No one else will have posting access. There are a whole bunch of shared communities out there.

Please bare with me if you have a lot of my old icons. I will try to get them out of the way as soon as I can whilst I make new ones.

Please let everyone know that take my icons that I am here!


For Other Communities

I would love it if you would like your community banners or lj icon banners here. Just let me know =)

Last but not least..ENJOY!

Links to my community:

Graphic by icon_goddess


100x100_brushes icon_tutorial psp8
Join Image hosted by Photobucket.com Demented Icons

Other Communities I Own

Contest Wins and Appreciations

Go to..http://www.livejournal.com/users/heavenly_wins/

My lovely layout was made by _blindfaith. And the link to the beautiful graphic is http://requiem-creations.silverx.net/. Thanks guys!


Bases from: basicbases, simplebases, brokenicon, and icon_goddess

Text brushes from: 100x100_brushes

Texture and background brushes from: alaskanicons, 100x100_brushes and brokenicon

Fonts from: http://www.dafont.com